Adjust Your Oxygen Mask…First

Adjusting Your Oxygen Mask, First…

When we first began traveling overseas I watched the flight attendants do their brief preflight demonstration,


just after some lil one  squeals, “How many more hours?”  Then unfolds the flight attendent demo with the oxygen mask.  The “how to” has the same end note:  “Parents, always put on your face mask first, and then your children’s.”

What initially seemed selfish soon made perfect sense:  the reality is that you can’t help anyone else if you, yourself,  are not breathing.  (Short version of their demo.)

It’s a pretty simple concept really.

So, as I’m still adjusting my face mask after  recent huge loss of my Father, would you like to come alongside?  There are some choices on the platter but the optimal one seems to  be that as I

continue about work and other daily tasks, to (emotionally)  sit quietly and enjoy His love.  As I slip into the “those who wait upon the Lord” * category I bandy with those folks who allow Him to strengthen and suture in His time, and through His love.  Shaping the Cross once again, into Hope, His mercy revisits the hearts of mankind.  We need only ask. We can experience the hands of Divinity, molding the leaven  of hope into the healing balm.

Those who choose to bask in the calm left in the wake of Calvary  live quieted by His love.  And listen, a song threads the air:

He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zeph. 3:17  NIV)

So while I’m still fidgeting with the elastic straps, trying to get the thing situated on my face so I can cope better, maybe soon even encourage someone else along life’s path, I just need to breathe. How about


you?  Initially after this loss, I was going to request a whole (emotional) heart replacement.  But that could have some drawbacks like,

What if….

On the other side of waking up, my husband was a stranger…(not good!)

Or, I forgot one of my sons’ names…

Or, I suddenly liked to eat raw crawling things…(squid-like tenacles that I dodged all those years in the Orient),

Or, I actually liked our cat.


We see right away there could be all sorts of negative ramifications of a total heart job, gone awry.

(Oh, and about the cat, Tiger or Miss Priss, she was so excited about us recently adding Bosnia Hersegovina to the blog that she flipped right out of her heated box and posed.  I could hear her thoughts, “Get the camera, quick.  I’m awake and this is my best side.” See Silly Cat in the search box if you are new to us and want more of her story. She would be delighted, ah, but never show it!)

So obviously all sorts of things could go haywire on the bommerang side of a total heart redo.  Things I don’t want to change,…or chance.  How about, I keep this heart and let Him do the mending. (cont.)


Lots of other folks in this world have searing hurts, losses beyond comprehension: sick children, lost jobs, broken health, family fractions, deaths of loved ones, the list goes on.  So I invite you to join me to “wait upon the Lord.”

Meanwhile, with that elastic strap, one loop over the right ear and ….just breathe.  Then listen for the song…


“But those who wait on the Lord
 shall renew their strength;
 They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
 They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.” (Isa 50: 31  NKJV)

14 responses to “Adjust Your Oxygen Mask…First

  1. My father died suddenly, and though he was in his 80s, in good health and mind and spirit, losing him was a huge shock of grief. i often waited until everyone was asleep each night before i allowed myself to cry.. and then i would roll up my emotional windows and go to sleep. one night, weary of the emotional sadness, the lack of my almost-always-present smile, i soberly stated, “Dear Lord. I can’t take this sadness any more. Please take it.”

    And the next day, as I was driving down the road, I realized that I had a smile on my vace.

    Ah, yes, ask and you shall receive.

    Sending you my empathy.

  2. Lugar and Company

    Wow, Lisa, thanks for sending along that link. It is amazing, touching to the soul. I hope you are painting away these days! take care and thank you!

  3. Beautiful . . . what beautiful, peaceful words that I needed to hear today. I love the part where you talk about basking in the calm left in the wake of Calvary. So beautifully put. I needed to hear that today. . . this week. I love all the photos but my favorite is the sunset over the lake.

  4. Wow! Every time I think I can’t possibly like a post any better than the last one, I do! The wording of this post is beyond touching! I sincerely think you should consider writing a devotional book and having it published! I would be first in line to buy it! Love you!!

    • Lugar and Company

      Hi Rebecca, yes there is something so soothing about water. Thank you for your time, sweet comments, lovely friendship! I am blessed!

    • Lugar and Company

      Hi Sandra, it is so encouraging that you felt encouraged! He is so good! You are very gracious and I thank you for everything, precious friend! Love you back!

  5. Both beautiful and blessedly helpful thoughts, Susan. Thank you for sharing your lovely heart!

  6. Lugar and Company

    Well, thanks but some days, not so lovely! I’m working on that! You take care, globe trotter!

  7. Praying for you, Susan. Ross looks forward to seeing you…YOU rock. :)

  8. Lugar and Company

    Hi Sara, and I am as well! I look forward to seeing the whole Campbell Clan this summer. You take care and keep the Turkish home fires burning!

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