The Cat Who Saved the Baby…and an Even Bigger Story

This is a true story.

I recently heard on the world news about a cat and a baby in Europe.  The baby was left outside in subzero temps and along came a feline.  She laid over the baby, keeping the child warm… IMGP2464  I can’t help but wonder if sometimes angels swap wings for fur and calico spots.  Like a quilt lapped over the soul…this kitty covered the baby. IMGP3731  Then someone spotted the pair.  Help had arrived. After they loaded the lil one into the ambulance, the cat jumped into the ambulance.  She was going to see this good story to the end.  She likely  purred and grinned like a Cheshire…all the way to the ER. As miraculous as that is and it’s just mind boggling… IMGP2486 there’s even a bigger story…Have a minute?  This is the one where God, the Son, laid over us while standing arms stretched wide…crosswise out. He reached from the East to the West; He then covered death… Peru in life. In covering us, He opened gates that our souls could walk through… Henry Clay Garden 015 This is a true story. Ever walked that gate? John 3:16

Holiday Twinkles! Holy Nights…

DSC_0213What a lovely time of year to remember why we put twinkles on  the trees,

cookies on platters, more needles into seams…


DSC_0211We’ re just plain busy…baking extra stuff, doing extra stuff, even growing extra stuff…



Carrot top noses these days glow funnier, people  smile lovelier…

and hurts sting deeper.  Yeah, that too.


It’s all in a blurry mix where we may find ourselves singing more, thanking more and for a season, maybe even crying more.

When the sprinkles glaze the cookies, for a time all that glitters does seem golden…


And in the hustle and bustle of it all we never,

no never,

want to stray from the “Hallelujahs!” that ring towards the manger.

And we’re just sure that the chorus that sang in “The First Noel”

surely rang out later for all the world to hear…

“He is risen!”

The Bethlehem Baby loved us

til it hurt.

Then He died to tell just us how deep His grace needles down

and then rose to give life to death.

For you, for me, so that every night can be a Holy Night.

“Hark! the Herald Angels Sing!”


Welcome to Kunming, China!

Please join me on my recent trip to Kunming International Academy!  Enjoy and sound up for the music!

Hong Kong!

IMG_0957If you’re not oohing and aahing over the plush florals randomly springing from  bridges and city crevices, similar to this blossom from  Kunming,


IMGP0001 3

you are dodging a good hundred dozen  or more of the 6,650 people per square kilometer.  Hong Kong!  After a recent school trip to Kunming, China (an iMovie coming up on that later) I stopped over in Hong Kong where we lived a while back…

Note to self:  It’s still a busy place!  Below is a quick phone view from my hotel, 24th floor and you can sort of see the harbor water through the buildings…sort of to the left-ish…in the back.IMG_1034

IMG_0972Such diversity lines the city of Hong Kong, a most intriguing place and  people!  Squashed into only 421 square miles, just 6 times the size of Washington D.C., the country is abuzz with activity, 24/7 and ablaze in exotic waterfront views!

Gracing the hectic flavor of one of the world’s showiet harbor cities, the serenity of color bids a claiming wave throughout  the metropolis.  As bougainvillea drips freely,  jettying out the unsuspecting landscapes (like this one in another part of China) your heart dares rest- for just a moment.IMGP0158The children of China steal your heart…

IMGP0030 1

and the market veggies wow their visitors with color!  Amist sky rises and name branded everything are antique style open markets, wet markets: the modern and the ancient all blend together as in a mixer pressed on “high speed.” There is no “slow” or “stop” button.

IMGP0026 1There are definitely some market food, “What is that?” moments…


This is an easier one and I believe we are safe to call these mushrooms!

Need a bird while out shopping, well there are a few thousand on Bird Street…

IMG_1030or if florals are your fancy, there are streets and streets of tropical selections…

I had a couple of personal days, banchee running around this Asian mystery.  As far as transportation, if it moved, I was on it! Trams, subways, busses, ferry and walking for miles and lost most of the time…in a place that crams in more than 7 million.  It’s mind boggling,  leaves you dodging somebody somewhere all the time!  Of those 7 mil it seems that at least 100,001 of them are standing right where you are.  At least it was not monsoon season- just imagine adding umbrellas to the mix!

IMG_1012I can’t jingle it all into just words, be cause then you would miss the sounds…

I can’t upload sounds or you would miss the sauna heat and that fact that your clothes are dripping wet, two seconds after you step outside…

I can’t put it all into just pictures unless you are standing in an oven on 450 degrees!

Ah, but I tried to crack the door… my love affair with Hong Kong continues!

(Asia, cont. next time!)


You’re the Song

At the swimming pool one day the student swim teams were competing.  The colors and splash of summer still spilled on the wing but with a lining of competitive feistiness.  “I want to win!” was on their hearts and to the side I noticed a father.  I never had to even wonder, “Which one is your child?”

(All pics this week by yours truly…)

It was so obvious!  His teen seemed to be the only one in the pool, according to Dad!  His eyes, fixed on that boy like “white on rice!” as we say in the South, followed the son up and back, up and back. As the boy butterflied- free swam or breast stroked, the father whirred up and down the length, rooting him on with words of encouragement.

It so reminded me of Him and us…

Ever felt like just one on the backside of a zillion people on this earth?

Ah, but He has singled you out!  Me too!  Somehow His loving glaze bores through our souls in a one on one zip  line so that even in a crowd of zillion,

He only sees you….

Wow…I can’t explain it, just enjoy it…IMGP1483So there are no lone ducks in this word…

IMGP1901DSC_0118for in this whisper of time, called “life,” we are singled out one by one for

Hope. Eternal hope.

IMGP2159IMGP1774Feeling woobly in the faith?

Weak knee-ed in trust?

Like a child needing to realize the Father’s eyes?

We’ve all felt that way at times.

IMGP1903But the truth is,


no matter  where our feelings sprawl raw,

we are always on His mind…Yes,  one  soul at a time.

IMGP2456Threading one tune upon another,

IMGP2550He singles us out of the chorus, rooting us on like we’re the only one in the pool!

IMGP1830Cause you’re the song, the one in the zillion- chorused choir

that drove Him to the cross.

Me too.

He bored a hole through all others just to get to you-

you’re the Song that played His heart.

He became Visible in the Flesh so that you never have to feel invisible,



With His eyes on His Son and you on His mind,

He spread His arms cross wise

so that I would know, and you,

we’re always on His mind.

Col 2-15 copy

Ps. 42:8 By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life. NIV

Though our lives span just a whisper of time-

we are that son and daughter in the pool…the

only one He sees….


They Wrote It…I Didn’t…

I’m never one to promote graffiti but on my walk in the park the other morning, I couldn’t help but notice the plea…”Forgive…” Is it not the call of mankind to forgive and be forgiven? Is it not the first step towards the healing of relationships both sovereign and mortal? Image  Piggybacking on the last post,  I’m still thinking about Linda….   IMGP0051

Memphis Farmer's Market

Memphis Farmer’s Market

It was the Memphis Farmers’ Market where on a hot summer’s day I met Linda (see previous post) and discovered her plight, one that unearths thoughts of scores in a similar unfortunate patch. It was a day when even the non fightables tried to wing through heat blasted florals!  It was a time I was reminded that people’s dreams often crash sideways…haven’t we all been there at some point?IMGP0072 The Memphis Farmer’s Market… IMGP0109 Alongside people lolligaging, strumming a guitar, sampling plums, petting dogs and taming two years olds, I was reminded that those in severe need, long to know that people believe in them.  God believed is us enough to send His very Son to die for us. You see individually, He cares. Life CAN get better and is  “forgiveness” not a crucial stepping stone? Some of you have visited this blog from 80+ countries and I thank you so much for your time, your stops when you could be somewhere else.  I SO appreciate your visits and today I just want to remind us all that though we live in a crooked, in fallen world… where the topsy-turvy often looks straight and the straight line appears wavy, He never tires of loving us as children in need of hope. Whether we are plodding along a “Linda” path, in a season sprinkled with despair of finances, health, children, loss of a loved one or dream never come true…

A summer hummer from last year!

A backyard summer hummer from last year!

He is that Hope and Forgiveness, that we long to live.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16  KJV

It Could Be Me…or You

It could be me…or you…

and it is she…I met her a few weeks ago at the Memphis Farmer’s Market



Homelessness can strike at any phase of life and for Linda it came at a most unsuspecting time.  It’s a story she shared with me and then said I could pass along to you.

Like a theif in the night, it crept in as the loss of health.  As a college adult, she was about to begin her senior year  when illness snatched her dreams, temporarily at least.


IMGP0090 IMGP0096When I first met her,  a sweltering June  Saturday morning, I was at this market, laden with color and the buzz of local flavor. The Memphis market touts some nifty  garden boxes where locals grow color and browse among the veggies for sale…

IMGP0022 1

Beautiful plants and flowers  grace the grounds and even  non living wing-eds  try and take flight!


Shop a little, walk a little, talk a lot, break for some tunes, for most folks


it’s just an all around fun time.  But for Linda and her friends it proffers an opportunity to sell the “Bridge” newspaper, for a dollar.  It’s where I learned her story and my heart hurt, then buoyed in hope as she explained her situation.  At one time, she was homeless but is now in a transition house in Memphis and works at sharing the Bridge for a dollar.   It’s a start back up a long hill.

Meet Linda…

Photo taken and used by permission from Linda

Photo taken and used by permission from Linda

I’d like to give a big shout out for Rhodes College who is behind this wonderful effort to help people get back into the groove of life, the steps that stretch long and hard.  My  admiration for her and her friends swelled as I learned of their perseverance.

So, if you are in downtown Memphis, any day of the week and see her or her friends in a similar situation, please consider buying the Bridge, for more than a dollar.  They wear a name tag and walk various parts of the downtown area and markets. Volunteers help them by driving them to various locations.


It’s a way to help people like you, or me, who could find themselves in a similar situation,  walking hot pavements, seeking people who care.  The stories are not of pity but now of… hope.

As for me, I’m picturing Linda down the road up a hill, flagging a cap and gown!

Again, a shout out for Rhodes College that helps them accomplish this endeavor!